Replacement Elements


Click to go to the form to send an inquiry to IPIWant to make your existing tool better? Put IPI's advanced core technology to work without replacing your entire tool string. IPI manufactures and stocks replacement elements for a variety of existing down-hole tools, including DST tools and water well hydraulic fracturing systems, both of which are typically in standard sizes for oilfield applications with a standard thread type. Main inventory locations are Montana and Western Australia. 

Our streamlined manufacturing process enables IPI to provide replacement packer elements in a cost-effective and timely manner. We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers' needs and in standing behind our products.

Quote from a satisfied user
“We started our business running conventional oilfield inflate packers for DST tests here in Queensland. They averaged about 7 tests, but never more than 20. We’ve some 6.75” IPI replacement packers here that are just about to complete 100 tests each!! IPI packers changed the game with the DST industry in Australia”   Ewan McDonald, CEO Pro-Test Pty Ltd