ASR Flow Control Valvе 
For Aquifer Storage and Recovery to minimize air infiltration into injection and recovery wells.
Casing Circulating Tool
Also called a Fill Up Tool - used for running casing, mainly offshore oil and gas operations.
Casing Integrity Test Tool (CITT)
Used for casing/tubing pressure integrity testing. Suitable even for low fluid level and gas wells.
Down-Hole Shut-In Valve (DHSIV)
A zero-volume change, down-hole shut-in valve for tight-formation permeability testing operations.
DuraFRAC® HP Straddle
Mainly used for rock burst mitigation and block caving hydraulic preconditioning in underground copper mines, now with an auto inflate / inject function to dispense with inflation hose.
DuraFRAC® Hydro
Market leading product range in North America for water well completion and other applications.
DuraFRAC® Mini
Small diameter (<70 mm OD) hydraulic fracturing, straddle (double) packer systems typically used for in-situ, rock stress determination.
DuraFRAC® with Dual Wall Frac Pipe
Dual Wall Pipe [or "Rods"] that allow inflation / deflation communication separate from injection flow
Hydraulic Fracturing System
Designed for a wide range of hydraulic fracturing applications using IPI DuraFRAC® packers.
Impression Packers 
For taking fracture impressions in rock after hydraulic fracturing - often works where electronic solutions do not.
Inflatable ESP Packer System (I-ESP)
The IPI Inflatable ESP Packer System (I-ESP) is a very effective way of improving pumping economics and reliability by dispensing with a separate riser/production tubing.
Inflatable Casing Packer (ICP)
The Classic inflatable packer for casing in oil, gas and geothermal wells, often called an External Casing Packer [ECP], mainly used for zonal isolation and cementing operations.
[Patent Pending] is a combined inflatable seal and hydraulically set anchor, providing superior flexibility during the installation of Insert Progressive Capacity Pumps (I-PCP), as it mitigates the need for a Pump Seat Nipples (PSN).
[Patent Pending] The first sucker rod conveyed, multi-set, inflatable packer system available in the oil and gas industry. 
Large Diameter Plug & Abandonment Packers
Mainly for oil and gas applications as an initial barrier, followed by cement
Low Pressure Inflatable Packers
Are available for pressure grouting and other applications.
Mineral Coring Annular BOP
The IPI Mineral Drilling BOP system is a compact inward inflating annular BOP specifically designed for mineral coring to suit N, H, P sizes.
For leak proof hydrogeological investigation work with a rating up to 10,000 psi.
Oilfield Standard Replacement Packer Elements
Uses IPI inflatable packer technology in NR, NBR and HNBR that will fit North American manufactured inflatable packer systems for superior multi set, high pressure performance
One Shot Cementing System
Enable water well casing cementing while isolating and protecting the producing aquifer
Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug (PIBP)
Standard oilfield specification product for P&A and other applications 
Portable Flow Meter Skids 
Control and monitoring equipment for permeability and mini frac type work. Versions to 5,000 psi rating with dataloggers
Remedial Cementing Packer (RCP)
A retrievable, open hole, squeeze cementing packer enabling remedial cementing during drilling operations.
Retrievable Inflatable Bridge Plug (RIBP)
Suitable for limited through tubing applications, versions for cement retention, larger storm plug versions and all CT compatible. Setting valve options. OH and casing version options.
Single Set Retrievable Packer
Suitable for a range of oilfield and other applications
Slim Hole Formation Tester
The IPI Slim-Hole Formation Tester is a highly customizable system designed to assist with detailed characterization permeability testing in tight rock.
Slip-On Casing Packer
Innovative Australian packer solution for shallow gas / poor formation challenges that avoids casing challenges and integrity issues through using client casing and control line inflation.
ST Well Test Tools
Competitively priced, highly functional permeability (DST, DFIT, IFO) cum frac tool. Suits most well sizes. CT compatible, low frictional loss, mainly used for coal bed methane applications to 6000ft+ 
60mm version of the ST range, capable of mineral wireline deployment "through the bit"
Standard Wireline Packer System (SWiPS®)
Market leading tool, principally for Lugeon testing in mineral mining and deep construction work
Water Well Completion System 
A water well completion system that addresses the common problems of running, gravel packing and sealing telescopic screens.