The IPI packer technology incorporates elastomers, reinforcement layers and external anchoring surface finish (DuraGRIP®) within a single, vulcanised composite element. This innovation eliminates typical inflatable packer components such as non-reinforced elastomeric inflation bladders, exposed reinforcement layers, and separate rubber covers. IPI’s true composite inflatable packer design eliminates issues commonly associated with ordinary alternatives available in the market while increasing reliability and operational envelopes. Typically IPI uses high tensile, steel wire for reinforcement but non-metallic materials, such as Carbon Fibre, Polyester and Kevlar™, are also available.

Main Unique Benefits of IPI’s Technology:
Multi-set capability exceeding 150 sets within a single trip in operations under 100°C (212°F), which can be reliably increased to several hundred cycles in certain applications. Case histories from DST operations have confirmed IPI inflatable packers to have up to 30 times the durability in comparison to conventional braided wire or slat reinforced oilfield inflatable packers.
Optimal conformity in irregular borehole geometry, which is possible due to high density wire reinforcement imbedded within the packer elastomer matrix. 

IPI’s differentiating, contra-wound inflatable element design, allows our element to exhibit the greatest recovery to original diameter over any other inflatable element available in the marketplace. This performance KPI allows our customers to achieve several operational and performance advantages including deployment of larger OD packers through tighter annular clearances resulting in higher differential pressure ratings and increased puncture resistance. Not having metal ribs or slats eliminates plastic deformation issues seen in competitive products, maximizing retrieval through tight annular clearance restrictions, and all but eliminating the chances of leaving element seals within the restriction or wellbore.

 Alternative if the above does not play adequately through YouTube - click here

 Alternative if the above does not play adequately through YouTube - click here

Other advantages from IPI’s inflatable packer technology:
Fastest development for custom-made applications in the market.
• Adjustable layers of reinforcement as well as rubber thickness.
• Packer sizes can easily be adjusted for customized applications.
• Wide variety of elastomers available for different downhole conditions (NR, NBR, HNBR).
• Packers can be designed to meet specific inflation formats (e.g. to a maximum OD limit, teardrop shape or with a “waist”) and/or include steel inserts for injection or sampling.
• Some designs allow inward inflation to suit applications such as diverter seals.

All IPI inflatable packers are manufactured either in Perth Australia or Haskovo, Bulgaria with:
3rd generation precision build-up machines and in-house autoclave.
In house CNC lathes for machining standard or customised threaded ferrules and other steel components or carefully chosen and managed outsorced machining services.
Australian managed tradesmen and technicians, many of whom are qualified from apprenticeship within IPI Packers.
This unique combination of competences and state of the art technology has led IPI Packers to become the #1 custom-made inflatable packer specialist in the world.
IPI Packers’ depth of design and operational experience with inflatable packer together with advanced manufacturing skills have also led to many practical solutions that deliver tremendous value in both custom-made and standard products.

Instructions for use of inflatable packers (5MB)
This document provides instructions for the correct utilization of inflatable packers, operational and safety guidelines relevant to inflation control systems, and discusses the benefits and limitations associated with utilizing liquid or gas as a fluid medium for packer inflation.

*Temperature and pressure ratings are not concurrent.