Well intervention offers the opportunity to keep production or injection wells in top shape and IPI offers the tools needed for various well stimulation activities along with permanent and temporary plugging solutions. IPI tools are suitable for running in open or cased hole on a variety of work strings, including coiled tubing (CT). On all retrievable and multi-set tools, IPI's superior packer diameter recovery makes these tools particulalry valuable for running in through tubing applications.   


Production Injection Packer (PIP)

Incorporates the same valving used on ICP and PIBP in conjunction with IPI's inflatable packer elements, well known for their ability to recover to the uninflated diameter, which is critical to operational success when retrieving.

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ST Well Test Tools

IPI's ST range of multi-cycle inflatable packer systems features a four-stage operating mechanism that enables packer inflation, annular circulation, interval testing, and complete shut-in isolation. The ST range can be configured as a single packer or a dual packer straddle assembly both with a standard pressure rating of 5,000 psi (10,000 psi versions available). Its multi-cycle functionality allows for multiple formation evaluation tests or stimulation cycles to be performed on different zones within a single trip. The systems typically carry electronic memory gauges, can adapt for real time data and are capable of a wide range of tests including DST, IFO and DFIT (including DFIT FBA).

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