Beyond Lugeon - for Better Results

Mining companies often integrate geotechnical investigations with mineral exploration coring programs to get the most from drilling efforts and to streamline mine design and permitting. Since first published in 1933, the classic Lugeon method of testing has been widely accepted in the geotechnical community as the standard for rock permeability estimates. Other technical areas,such as aquifer characterizaiton and nuclear waste site studies have developed transient testing and analysis methods that provide a more detailed and complete hydrogeologic picture, but require more sophisticated test equipment.  IPI has continuously improved our wireline testing equipment to enableimplementation of improved testing and analysis methods that provide a more detailed picture of hydrogeologic conditions, without significantly increasing characterisation costs.

Joel Adams, IPI's North American Director has spent over 20 years as a consulting hydrogeologist specializing in well testing and analysis.  He co-authored and presented a paper at the International Mine Water Association 2012 conference in Bunbury, Australia describing how combined mineral exploration/geotechnical investigations can go "beyond Lugeon" without breaking the bank.

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